YieldBooking : Le Rate shopper pour la veille tarifaire des campings

The Rate Shopper which automates the monitoring of campsites and HPA

Notre logiciel en ligne relève les prix de votre concurrence sur les périodes et la typologie d’hébergement que vous souhaitez.

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Time saving



YieldBooking is the first real-time price monitoring solution for tourist accommodation professionals (campsites, hotels and vacation residences).

Increase your business efficiency and never miss out on another opportunity!

Our solution, developed hand-in-hand with tourist accommodation professionals, has been designed to help you manage your pricing policy more efficiently.
With our online software solution, you have all the information you need so you never miss out on a revenue opportunity and gain business efficiency..
You are informed when they are fully booked and when price variations occur. The "contract monitoring" module can also help you track sales handled by your partners.

The ideal competitive intelligence tool for all types of tourism establishments



Villages clubs

Tour operators



A customized solution

With YieldBooking you can tailor competitive intelligence to suit your needs. Stay informed, and share the most relevant events with your team.
Veille tarifaire hebergements touristiques sur-mesure
Veille tarifaire hebergements touristiques statistiques

A simple and streamlined statistical view

The essential information comes to you: fully booked rentals, competitors with no vacancies including details of the stays concerned. Consult the detailed reports and set up relevant e-mail alerts.

Get a clear picture of your competitors and partners' movements.

Reliable accurate technology

YieldBooking uses unparalleled state-of-the-art technology developed in-house by data experts.

Benefit from the 1st tool on the market that lets you track in real-time and analyze your competitors' prices.

Veille tarifaire hebergements touristiques précise
Veille tarifaire hebergements touristiques personnalisable

Create your own reports

Concentrate the watches that interest you (dates, length of stay, number of people, type of accommodation) in one place.

Monitor and compare more quickly and efficiently.
It makes Yield Management so easy!

Our partners

Qrush : Revenue Management & Pricing software by Eurodécision

OsmoGestion : Property Management System (PMS) by Osmozis

Qrush : Revenue Management & Pricing software by Eurodécision

OsmoGestion : Property Management System (PMS) by Osmozis

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