Logiciel de veille tarifaire pour hébergements de tourisme

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Boost your commercial efficience and save time

What is it ?

Monitor your competitors' prices in one click

YieldBooking automatically retrieves the prices of competing accommodations that interest you, on the stays you want.

Analyse the prices charged by your competitors, increase your commercial efficiency and never miss a commercial opportunity again!

YieldBooking adapts to the specific needs of different types of tourist accommodation.

Campsites, residences, club villages, tour operators or consultants: our solution offers key functionalities to support each of these types of establishments in their competitive intelligence


Features to support you on a daily basis.

Developed in collaboration with tourist accommodation professionals,
YieldBooking offers all the necessary features for your competitive intelligence.

Stays made to measure

Look out for prices for specific dates and conditions.

Establishments and accomodations

Match competing accommodation precisely with your own.


Get your competitors' prices and view them in an accurate and filterable view.

Frequency of readings

Gauge the accuracy of your pricing intelligence

depending on the frequency of your readings.

Price alerts

Be alerted to the slightest price movement by your competitors for increased reactivity.

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Integrates seamlessly into your your ecosystem.

Our expertise

You are in good hands


Our IT team consists of software engineers who have been specializing in the automation of data collection for years.
The method we use to retrieve prices allows us to obtain extremely reliable results.

YieldBooking is the result of careful consideration by professionals in the tourist accommodation industry in response to an everyday problem.

Software was then designed in-house by digital experts, both in terms of ergonomics and design as well as the technical side.

Customer service

Tell us who you want to monitor and when, and our teams will set up your competitive intelligence. A turnkey solution.

Our teams are also available to help and support you throughout your use. 


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Our solution is totally tailor-made and adapts to the needs of each individual.

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