Veille tarifaire pour : Groupes & Chaînes

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Channel and groups

One tool to monitor the pricing of all your facilities

chaines groupes campings

A watch on all your establishments, at a glance

Global vision of your establishments

Pricing intelligence for all you establishment, easily

Keep an eye on all your competitors accomodation rates and your own ones.

Thanks to differents graphs and tables, observe price developments, special offers, median and average prices or unvailable competitors.
All our tables and price quotes are downloadable as Excel sheep to do a personalised analyze.

veille etablissements chaine et groupes

Marketing decision tool

Clear readability of data for reactive sales decisions

Our software can collect precious information regarding your competitors' market behaviour.

Use these informations to make marketing decision and take advantages of opportunites, avoid potential threats and anticipate your competitors' market behaviour.


Give an access to all your team, and manage user rights

If your work alone or in a team or you wish to give an access to your managers, we are taking care of eveything.

Our software gives the possibility to manage many users with different rights regarding several profils. You can give a special access to your team or your managers to read and modify only what they need.

Guest experience

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Discover our software in 10 minutes only

A demo does not commit you to anything

Do you have another type of establishment?

Contact us to know if we have possibility to adapt our software to your company.

Les meilleures pratiques pour optimiser le rendement de son camping

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