Sondage Optimisation Veille Tarifaire
Sondage Optimisation Veille Tarifaire

Survey: Is your price monitoring really optimized?

Price monitoring is a critical concern for outdoor accommodation professionals. Please take a moment to answer these few questions and learn about your counterparts' pricing behavior!

Sondage – Veille tarifaire

1 • How do you currently carry out your price monitoring? *
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2 • What's most important for you when you track competition? *

3 • How many rental accommodation units do you have on your campsite? *

4 • How many competitor campsites do you think you have? *

5 • Do you practice dynamic pricing? *

6 • How often do you change your prices during a season? *

7 • Do you think that competitive intelligence / price monitoring will become a key focus over the next few years? *

8 • How do you perceive competitive intelligence? *

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