Editions Congrès National Salons Campings

FNHPA National Congress: the next scheduled editions

Campings in France, mark your calendars! The National Federation of Outdoor Hotels has announced where the next two editions of its annual National Congress will be held.

Editions Congrès National Salons Campings

Traditionally, the FNHPA holds its annual conference at one of the four trade fairs.

While the last two editions of this Congress - 2018 and 2019 - were held as part of the Sett fair in Montpellier, it is a priori the IODE fair in Vannes which should host the 46th edition of the Congress, and therefore in January 2021 As for the 47th Congress, vintage 2021, it is to be held as part of Equip'HPA in Le Touquet in November of that same year.

If the precise dates of these two events remain to be specified, we will therefore have noted the holding of two Congresses during the same calendar year.

Source : L’officiel des terrains de camping

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