YieldBooking automatise la veille tarifaire des campings et HPA

The online price monitoring software for campsites and HPA

Stop running around looking for information,
everything you need is on hand!

YieldBooking : The 1st competitive intelligence software online

Track your competitors' prices in real time

This online softwareoptimize your yield management by providing accurate, real-time information about your competitors' occupancy rates and prices.

YieldBooking is the first fully-mobile, connected software that invites you to play a proactive role in your pricing policy.

The ideal competitive intelligence tool for all types of tourism establishments



Villages clubs

Tour operators



Save time

A single gateway to all the information you need to make the right pricing decisions. Let YieldBooking do the tedious, time-consuming work of providing accurate monitoring about your competitors. Get a head start!

Boost your revenue

An accurate, real-time view of the competition is an opportunity to boost your marketing campaign ROI and never miss out on opportunities to generate extra revenue.


YieldBooking is a SaaS solution that's accessible anytime, anywhere.
Your data is hosted on the Cloud and 100% private and secure.

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Relevant alerts

YieldBooking helps you free up time to add even more value to your leisure accommodation.

Keep track of your competitors' price changes at all times and their fully booked options so you can fine-tune your strategy.

  • Price change alerts
  • Price change alerts
  • History

Comprehensive, tailored monitoring

YieldBooking can be tailored to your accommodation stock. Your monitoring is customized and can be fine-tuned at any time.

Whether you are a large group, a chain with over 100 establishments or an independent business wishing to optimize your occupancy rate, YieldBooking manage your price monitoring for you.

  • Customized monitoring (competitive, contract, OTA)
  • Your offers automatically compared with similar ones among your competitors
  • Reports to suit your needs, with customized filtering (Example: report for all accommodations where I'm the only provider with vacancies over a given period.)

Quick to set up and intuitive to use

Setup is quick and no need for further development.No more never-ending rollouts!

  • Ever so-easy: We connect the software directly to your booking system, so you don't need to provide any data!
  • Guided: The key to successful price monitoring is an accurate definition of your competitive environment and the right matches for your own accommodation. The solution is delivered ready to use and 100% set up for each establishment with its specific competitive environment.
  • Autonomous: Set up your monitoring campaigns for any period or length of stay you wish (weekend, long weekend, 7 nights, etc.) Everything is doable!

View on tablet, mobile or computerand assess your positioning anytime. And, if you don't have time, the solution lets you know when an opportunity or event requires your attention.

Filter, activate and put to good use! (option - and be profitable!)

Secure and confidential

The YieldBooking solution is hosted on a cloud..

The service is secure and ensures that your data is kept private and confidentialThe solution does not use any client data

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